The project explores confessional art and embroidery in a new context. During the project many mediums were experimented with, and the outcome is a new language, evasive in nature, decoded in stitch.



emotional forensics

Simply put tissues are used to control bodily functions in public. Originally heavily gendered and a distinctly delicate material. Tissues are essential to convey the impermanence of our emotional turmoils, similar to the release one feels when filling the pages of a diary with ones emotional pains. 

The fragile nature of tissues means that these samplers are not designed to be tactile, not designed for public consumption, their secrets must be kept. 


Naturally, if only given fragments of a story, we will try to make up the rest. It is human to draw conclusions and make judgements on people and places before our image is complete. It is the job of the artist to leave an incomplete trail of evidence, to suggest, but not implore a universal meaning.

thread (22).JPG

Self destructive secret keeper

Curiosity encouraged

Suspended over corrosive chemicals by twine. Lifting the lids will cause the tissues to fall and dissolve in the base of the box.