the respect of materials

A huge turning point in my creative development was when a practicing artist and mentor explained the importance of respecting materials. 

This was in the context of woodworking, and working within the capabilities of each individual piece of wood and section. It also refers to respecting the energy and time involved in such materials. Trees turning into wood is no simple feat, it takes time to grow, money to buy, skills to prepare, and the hands of many people along the way. All of these processes deserve respect, when you take that wood, and make a wine rack, or a sculpture, or a chopping board. 



To respect a material, first you must test it, investigate and experiment with its' strengths and weaknesses to know what works. 

IMG_0411 (33).JPG


In the process of respecting a material, additional value is assigned. Be it monetary, intellectual, socially, or ecologically. 

A quiet honor is asigned to humble materials when they are respected with skills and traditions above their percieved value.


technique and precision

The Thingship (2016-ongoing) is an exercise in the respect of materials, practices and the art of the handmade. Ultimatley regarding cardboard as if it were timber to a carpenter. 

Thingship (2016)