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The Spiderwoman Series is a growing spatial work involving embroidery, weaving and installation. The evolution highlights the potential for expansion and shifting. The text is collected from a submission box, they are transferred onto strips and embroidered. They are assembled into one large web using weaving and mending techniques.

Amongst a sea of fear, an individual is not unique. The act of sharing an emotional burden is a theme Sacha Barker has developed in her previous work Mind Field: The Sewing Seeds and she now shares this experience. Her labour is the gift of an unburdening. To connect, share your fear.

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The intimate textual exchange is a result of an open invitation. It has resulted in a relatable, curious, concerning and frightening space.

The vibrations of the web make it feel fragile, fluid. Sense her vulnerability, disorder and disquiet. This enlivened offering is unsinkable. You may sense familiarity, and a connection to the information, but you are a guest to begin with.

Attempt a challenge to the validity of this time and place, where is your fear held? How much does your fear weigh?

Try to pinch the tensions that hold you up or down. Step back and unhinge yourself from your burden. Share your fear.

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